VdpDevice; Primary API object
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typedef uint32_t VdpDevice
 An opaque handle representing a VdpDevice object. More...
typedef VdpStatus VdpDeviceDestroy(VdpDevice device)
 Destroy a VdpDevice. More...

Detailed Description

The VdpDevice is the root of the VDPAU object system. Using a VdpDevice object, all other object types may be created. See the sections describing those other object types for details on object creation.

Note that VdpDevice objects are created using the Window System Integration Layer.

Typedef Documentation

◆ VdpDevice

typedef uint32_t VdpDevice

An opaque handle representing a VdpDevice object.

◆ VdpDeviceDestroy

typedef VdpStatus VdpDeviceDestroy(VdpDevice device)

Destroy a VdpDevice.

[in]deviceThe device to destroy.
VdpStatus The completion status of the operation.